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Thursday, April 19, 2018
Latest News

Latest News

Get news live from Israel now. Including Netanyahu news.

EU organization takes rare step of condemning both Hamas and Israel, notes Hamas terrorism, but calls for lifting partial blockade.

Over 2,000 revelers celebrate Independence Day at OU event honoring English-speaking Olim. 'I always knew I would make Aliyah.'

Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov talks about the presence of his country in Russia and its meaning to the world

President, First Lady tell foreign diplomats of Israel's accomplishments over its 70 years, says peace is possible.

Special Forces, K-9 units, and helicopter assaults: Police hold family-friendly day showcasing its wide array of expertise.


Following tragic accident on return trip from Meron, leading rabbi calls on yeshiva students not to hitchhike.

Anti-missionary group warns against an international missionary campaign in Israel at its height on Independence Day.

Official ceremony opening celebrations for Israel's 70th Independence Day taking place at Har Herzl in Jerusalem. PM in attendance.

US President congratulates Israel on its 70th Independence Day. 'Looking forward to moving our Embassy to Jerusalem next month!'
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