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New Israeli coalition government seeks to put an end to the...


The opposition-led administration will be sworn in on Sunday if it can prevail in a confidence vote in the Knesset

Benjamin Netanyahu is due to be ousted from office on Sunday by a new Israeli government formed with the primary aim of dethroning the country’s longest-serving leader.

A motley grouping of politicians, including former Netanyahu allies turned foes, have set aside bitter differences to put an end to the prime minister’s historic run in power. If successful, it will also break a political stalemate that has seen four snap elections in the country since 2019.

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Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel culpability for Iran attacks


Yossi Cohen reveals details of Iran nuclear programme attacks in interview timed to support Netanyahu

The outgoing head of Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, has signalled the country’s clear responsibility for a series of attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear programme in an interview that appeared to have as much to do with Israel’s febrile politics as with Iran.

In a public intervention that appeared timed to help Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, before a Knesset vote on Sunday that could end his 12 consecutive years in office, the agency’s former head Yossi Cohen revealed details of operations long attributed to Israel.

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Dani Karavan obituary

Artist who found fame in the world of environmental sculpture, a new medium that emerged in the 1960s

An environmental piece over 3km long, titled Axe Majeur (1980-ongoing), in the French town of Cergy-Pontoise, north-west of Paris; Passages (1990-94), a memorial to the philosopher Walter Benjamin in Portbou, Spain; Murou Art Forest (1998-2006) in Japan; and Way of Human Rights in Nuremberg, Germany (1989-93), are among the most celebrated works designed by the artist Dani Karavan, who has died aged 90.

Karavan practised various art forms, including painting and drawing, stage-set design and wall reliefs, but it was environmental sculpture, a new medium that emerged in the 1960s and to which he contributed significantly, that brought him fame. He created more than 70 environmental pieces in Israel, Europe and east Asia, some of which became tourist attractions and pilgrimage sites.

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One Gaza street, 43 deaths: ‘The real war is the aftermath’...


Omar Abu al-Ouf lost his parents, grandparents and two siblings when his building was bombed by the Israeli military last month, in a street where 43 people were killed. Two weeks after the 16-year-old was pulled from the rubble, he leaves hospital to visit his remaining family and return to what’s left of his devastated neighbourhood in Gaza City. Many of Omar’s neighbours also lost loved ones, and search through the rubble for possessions, after a war which killed more than 250 people in Israel and Gaza, the vast majority of them Palestinians 

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The conflict in the Middle East is sustained by the silencing...


Throughout history, our story has been narrated by others who treat our rights as less deserving of recognition

The silencing of the Palestinian story is nothing new. In 1950s Britain, a few years after Israel was established, even the name Palestine went out of use. When asked as a child where I came from, people would think I’d said Pakistan.

I remember how frustrating it was that no one wanted to hear our story, as if we had invented it. “It’s the land of the Jews,” I was repeatedly told. “The Arabs are only squatters on it.” Israel’s stunning victory in the 1967 war compounded these attitudes, and the Zionist narrative of Israel’s moral right to exist in the Jewish people’s “ancestral land” became supreme. Constantly made to understand we were second-class human beings with no valid right to “someone else’s country” was demoralising and intimidating.

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Ghada Karmi is a Palestinian writer. She has published two memoirs of Palestine

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Biden accused of U-turn over Egypt’s human rights abuses


Critics say US president’s realpolitik ignores Sisi regime’s ‘hostage-taking tactics’ against dissidents

“It’s a hostage negotiation and it has been all along,” said Sherif Mansour, describing the arrest of his cousin Reda Abdel-Rahman by Egyptian security forces last August as an attempt to intimidate Mansour into silence.

Abdel-Rahman has been imprisoned without trial for nine months. Mansour, an outspoken human rights advocate in Washington with the Committee to Protect Journalists, has since learned that he and his father are listed on the same charge sheet, all accused of joining a terrorist group and spreading “false news”.

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Israeli parliament to vote on anti-Netanyahu government on Sunday


Timing of vote seen as providing long-serving prime minister with more time to torpedo coalition plans

Israeli politicians will hold a confidence vote on an opposition-led government on Sunday, a move that, if successful, will unseat the country’s longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The debate and vote on the new government will take place Sunday, June 13, 2021 during a special session of parliament,” the speaker of the Knesset, Yariv Levin, announced in a statement. If the vote passes, it is expected to lead to a swearing-in the same day.

A telegenic former TV news anchor popular with secular middle-class Israelis, Yair Lapid was charged with forging a governing coalition before the deadline on 2 June. 

Israel's new prime minister is a far-right former settler leader, who once served as a senior aide and adviser to Benjamin Netanyahu and ran Israel's education and defence ministries in his governments.

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Jerusalem sinkhole swallows up parked cars – video


A Jerusalem hospital parking lot has collapsed into a sinkhole, Israeli police say, but no casualties have been reported. Security video distributed by the Jerusalem Shaare Zedek Medical Center, showed cars falling into the sinkhole. Israeli police, backed by fire and rescue services, blocked the roads surrounding the hospital to conduct searches in the area. Hospital officials said they believed the collapse to have been triggered by a highway tunnel being dug nearby.

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Israeli police stop far-right march through Jerusalem


Plans blocked after a similar parade stoked tensions that contributed to last Gaza conflict

Israeli police have blocked a planned march by Jewish nationalists through Palestinian neighbourhoods of Jerusalem after a similar parade last month played a key role in building the tensions that led to the latest Gaza conflict.

In a statement, police said a permit for a different time or route might be considered.

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Netanyahu says Israeli coalition poised to unseat him is result of...


Accusation comes as security services warn of an escalation in violent discourse in the country

Benjamin Netanyahu has said a newly formed Israeli coalition that is poised to unseat him as prime minister was the result of “the greatest election fraud” in the history of democracy.

The sweeping accusation, similar in tone to those made about the US election by his former close ally Donald Trump, came as Israeli security services warned of an escalation in violent discourse in the country.

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